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Cat World Domination Day: Servants Prepare Yourselves

Cat World Domination Day


June 24th is Cat World Domination Day. I’m pretty sure this was something started by cats to convince us that they have not, in fact, already taken over the planet. This is just their way of making us say, “OH, look at the cute kitty. Isn’t it sweet when they think they are big and bossy” when in fact they have been manipulating us for years? Let’s face it; cats have been in charge since the moment they first wandered into some quasi-caveman’s camp and stood next to the fire, demanding leftovers. Continue…

Pet Food Labels: Marketing and Product Claims

pet food labels


You’ve heard the saying; you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Well, you can’t judge pet food from the packaging.  Reading pet food labels can be confusing, especially if you don’t understand the lingo.  Dr. Anna Coffin will unravel the mystery of pet food labels and try to dispel many myths and mysteries about pet food packaging. Continue…

Meet Pip – An Awesome Adoptable Dog!

adoptable dogThis is Pip, he is an awesome adoptable dog. He needs a home!  Could you be the owner that Pip has been waiting for?

Pip’s story started right here at Guthrie Pet Hospital. His mama was abandoned when she was pregnant and, through the help of a kind man and a group of helpful people, she ended up coming to stay with us. Pip was the firstborn of her puppies. He spent the first seven weeks of his life at Guthrie Pet Hospital, getting love and growing. He and his brother Turtle we’re adopted together into a wonderful home.

Sadly, Pip and Turtle’s owners recently went through some difficult life changes, and they realized that they could no longer provide a safe, enriching home for the boys. Those owners did the right thing and contacted us to get Pip and Turtle into a foster while we searched for new forever homes for them. Turtle has found his new family, but Pip still hasn’t met the right match. We want him to find a home and owner who will be “just right.”

These are the things the adoptable dog Pip needs to be happy:

  1. A person who wants a big dog. Pip weighs about 110 pounds. He’s tall and leggy.
  2. A person who wants to spend quality time with him. He needs time to build a bond with his new person or people. He can seem aloof when he meets new people, but he’s a sweetie once he knows you.
  3. A fenced yard or lots of on-leash.
  4. No chickens. Pip eats chickens.

adoptable dogPip is housebroken, crate trained, and knows basic obedience. He deserves someone to love him.  Could you be the one to give him a happy ending?

Adopt A Cat And Get A Free Exam

adopt a catTo celebrate Adopt A Cat Month, Guthrie Pet Hospital is offering a free comprehensive examination to any cat adopted during the month of June.  This time a year is a great time of year to adopt a momma cat or a bunch of kittens. Continue…

Dog Body Language: Three Zones to Watch

dog body languageLearning to interpret dog body language is more than important; it’s essential to healthy relationships and safety.

It’s almost summer! Kids will be home for break and outside playing. Dogs will also be spending more time outside and interacting with family members, friends, and the herds of kiddos running around like hooligans. It’s time to brush up on how to read dog body language—and make sure the kids understand it, too. While there are lots of subtle and nuanced signs your dog may show, I’m going to touch on just the essentials in your dog’s three main communication zones. Continue…

A Tale of Two Kitties: Introducing a New Cat to your Home

introducing a new catApril showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring kittens. Spring is kitten season and often when people succumb to the adorable faces and antics of newborn kittens. Positive that their cat or cats at home will love the youngster as much as they do, they stroll in, place the new kid on the floor in front of the old timers and announce,”Meet your new brother!”  Introducing a new cat should be done in a much slower method so that everyone in the house can adjust. Continue…

A Tale of Two Kitties: How I Adopted a Feral Cat and Accidentally Made A New Best Friend

feline cat care

“Was that a mouse???”

That was the sentence that started everything. While watching TV one night, my wife saw a tiny, grey rodent go scuttling through our kitchen. We’re the kind of people who don’t have the heart to set traps to kill mice. Instead, I ordered a live-catch trap online and set it up under the cupboard. Continue…

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