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Introducing Our New Dog Groomer: Jennifer Owens

dog groomingWritten by Stefani Fortney, ABCDT and Dog Groomer       When I tell folks what I do for a living, they usually say something about how much fun it must be to play with dogs all day. I agree—that sounds like it would be fun. What I (and my fellow groomers) do is much more involved than that. Continue…

Grooming Dogs From The Eyes Of The Groomer

Grooming dogs

If you’re one of the many people who regularly entrusts your dog to the care of a groomer to keep your pup pretty, you may wonder what exactly happens while your best friend is “at the salon”. Every groomer has a preferred process based on their facilities, equipment, and personal preferences. In today’s blog post, Stefani Fortney will tell you about what your dog will experience when grooming dogs at Guthrie Pet Hospital. Continue…

3 Things Groomers Hate To Hear About Grooming Dogs With Full Coats.


grooming dogsWhen grooming dogs is your profession, there are some things that you wish all dog owners knew about their pet’s hygiene and coat maintenance. If you ask most groomers what their biggest frustration is, most will tell you horror stories about owners who don’t brush their full-coated dogs often or thoroughly enough at home. Grooming dogs isn’t something that should only happen at the pet salon. To maintain a full, fluffy, or long coat, it’s the responsibility of the owner to provide daily brushing. Continue…

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