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How To Find The Right Scratching Post

scratching post

It is natural instinct for your cat to scratch.  In fact, scratching is necessary to help maintain your cat’s claws, and it is a way for them to leave visual and scent markers to other cats in the area.  Dr. Anna Coffin describes how to pick the right scratching post.

Did you know that cat’s have scratching preferences?  Dr. Anna Coffin explains that this may explain why your cat scratches on some things, but leaves other things alone. Discovering your cat’s scratching preferences is key to the right scratching post. Continue…

Common Pet Nutrition Myths

pet nutrition

It’s difficult for pet owners to know what to feed their pets.  In 2014, 22 billion dollars was spent on pet food in the United States.  With this kind of money to be made there are many pet food companies that are using marketing techniques to sway owner into buying their products.  Dr. Anna Coffin talks about some common pet nutrition myths.

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover you can’t always judge a pet food by it’s ingredients.  The basics of pet nutrition are not about the actual ingredients but about the nutrients that are available from each of the ingredients.  When an animal eats, the primary ingredients are broken down into these six primary nutrients:  


Grooming Dogs From The Eyes Of The Groomer

Grooming dogs

If you’re one of the many people who regularly entrusts your dog to the care of a groomer to keep your pup pretty, you may wonder what exactly happens while your best friend is “at the salon”. Every groomer has a preferred process based on their facilities, equipment, and personal preferences. In today’s blog post, Stefani Fortney will tell you about what your dog will experience when grooming dogs at Guthrie Pet Hospital. Continue…

How To Find The Right Pet Food

pet food

Nutrition for your pet is an important aspect of caring for your pet and can also help keep your pet healthy.  Hippocrates said, “Let food be your first medicine.”  You can improve your pet’s health by feeding a good quality pet food.  Dr. Anna Coffin will review eight questions that are helpful in picking the right pet food.

In 2014, Americans spent 22 billion dollars on pet food alone.  Because of this lots of companies want a piece of the action.  Are these companies in it for the money or are they concerned about the pet? Continue…

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