Posts from November, 2015

Cat Anxiety: 8 Things You’re Doing That Stresses Your Cat Out

cat anxietyDon’t you wish you had the life of your cat?  If you asked your cat, they might tell you differently.  I know it’s hard to believe, but cat anxiety is a problem, and there are things that you do on a daily basis that stress your cat out.  Dr. Anna Coffin will reveal what is causing your cat anxiety and how to prevent it. Continue…

Basic Obedience: Canine Good Citizen Stage 5 & 6

basic obedienceA lot of the test items deal with everyday situations your dog may be asked to encounter in the real world—being approached by a stranger, being startled by a cyclist, seeing another dog at the end of the block, getting examined by a vet or brushed by a groomer… all of those fall under what I think of as the “socialization stuff.”  Stefani Fortney discusses the next two stages that involve integrating good social skills with basic obedience training. Continue…

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