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Dog Laws 101— An Introduction to Common Dog Laws and Ordinances

dog lawsBy Stefani Fortney  I see it often. A dog owner who was unaware of the laws about pets in their community takes to social media to voice their concerns and complaints about why their precious dog has gotten into trouble with local police, sheriff, or animal control. Most times, it’s hard for me to understand why a person who has a dog wouldn’t go to the trouble of finding out what local laws govern their ownership, care, and responsibilities for their dog and its interaction with the community. Most communities have laws that outline what is expected from your dog and you. I’m going to touch on a few of the most common dog laws and why they’re important to follow to not be a nuisance or danger to your community. Continue…

Cat Toys: The Good, The Bad, and the Dangerous

cat toysBy Stacey Frazier  Let me start by saying that ANY HUMAN BODY PART is a BAD IDEA for a cat toy! Wiggling your fingers or toes for kitty may start out cute but can end horribly, mostly for you. Not only is there the immediate concern of getting scratched or bitten but it tells the kitten it is ok to attack their humans or any humans. The best cat toys are the ones that engage the cat without putting the animal, their human, or their household in danger. Continue…

5 Ways To Stop Puppy Biting

puppy biting

Nobody wants to deal with a snapping, biting puppy even if they are just playing.  Puppy biting occurs for two reasons.  First, their vision is not fully developed, and they are trying to figure out the world around them.  Second, they are teething between three and six months of age.  Dr. Anna Coffin gives some common-sense tips for puppy biting to ensure a lifetime of safe and healthy interactions with your dog. Continue…

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