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Adopt A Cat And Get A Free Exam

adopt a catTo celebrate Adopt A Cat Month, Guthrie Pet Hospital is offering a free comprehensive examination to any cat adopted during the month of June.  This time a year is a great time of year to adopt a momma cat or a bunch of kittens. Continue…

Dog Body Language: Three Zones to Watch

dog body languageLearning to interpret dog body language is more than important; it’s essential to healthy relationships and safety.

It’s almost summer! Kids will be home for break and outside playing. Dogs will also be spending more time outside and interacting with family members, friends, and the herds of kiddos running around like hooligans. It’s time to brush up on how to read dog body language—and make sure the kids understand it, too. While there are lots of subtle and nuanced signs your dog may show, I’m going to touch on just the essentials in your dog’s three main communication zones. Continue…

A Tale of Two Kitties: Introducing a New Cat to your Home

introducing a new catApril showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring kittens. Spring is kitten season and often when people succumb to the adorable faces and antics of newborn kittens. Positive that their cat or cats at home will love the youngster as much as they do, they stroll in, place the new kid on the floor in front of the old timers and announce,”Meet your new brother!”  Introducing a new cat should be done in a much slower method so that everyone in the house can adjust. Continue…

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