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New Dog Allergy Treatment Offers More Hope For Dogs

dog allergy treatmentOne of the top reasons for veterinary visits is skin disease caused by allergies. In the past, dog allergy treatment involved masking of the signs with steroids.  Unfortunately, steroids cause some bad side effects, and in fact, long term use can lead to diabetes and other serious endocrine disorders.  Now veterinarians have a new drug that mimics your dog’s immune system and blocks the pathway which is involved in the itch cycle. Continue…

Why Sit Matters: The Building Block Of Dog Obedience


One of the first things we teach our dogs in obedience class is the sit cue. It’s the basic building block of any training curriculum. Have you ever wondered why it’s so important for our dogs to sit when we ask them to? What’s so important about “sit”? Here are a few of the reasons why it matters. Continue…

A Nail Trim Saga: One Hundred and Twenty Eight Toes:

nail trim

It is nail trim time at my house, and it’s not pretty.

I usually have help at nail trim time but this month I’m on my own, and the cats seem to know it. Manny the two-year-old was snoozing on my lap, Penny the deaf cat was crashed in the chair next to me, Jelly the Maine Coon was on her tower, and TJ the sook was cuddling with my foot. It was the perfect moment for a nail trim. The cat nail clippers are usually kept in a pencil cup in the living room for quick and easy access. I slowly leaned over to retrieve them, and Manny woke up. He watched as I picked up the clippers, his pupils getting huge. I went to turn him on my lap to start, and he rocketed off of me like his tail was on fire, leaving a pretty decent sized scratch on my thigh. Continue…

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