Posts from November, 2017

Adventure Cat: The Art Of Feline Hiking

adventure catTrail hikes and sidewalk strolls have long been the exclusive domain of owners and dogs. Not anymore! There has been an increase in interest in cat owners taking their friends out for adventures lately, which has led to the creation of a group of Adventure Cat. These cats have been acclimated to harness, lead, and backpack excursions with their owners. From casual strolls through town hiking the Appalachian Trail these cats have become almost commonplace on many local paths. Continue…

Answers to FAQs about dog grooming

dog groomingI spend every day working with dogs. When I tell people this, they usually say something about how great it must be to get to snuggle and play with dogs for a living. While it is a great job to have, it’s also a hard job. It’s dirty, loud, and physically demanding. It can be frustrating. Today, I’m here to give you answers to the most common questions I hear from clients about dog grooming. Continue…

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