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The Food Lure Shaping Your Dogs Behavior

food lureUsing a food lure is a basic component of any positive reinforcement training plan. It gives us a valuable tool to help teach our dog behaviors and cues, and even modify behavioral problems. By teaching our dogs to follow a food lure, we can achieve our training goals more efficiently and keep training time fun for us and our pups! Continue…

Spring has Sprung, and so have the Fleas!


Warmer weather brings blossoms and blooms and unfortunately, bugs. March signals the beginning of flea and tick season and is the time to start taking preventive measures against fleas.  Understanding the flea life cycle will help you eliminate them from your pets. Continue…

Get Your Dog To Behave: Show Some Lovin’

dog to behave

Say it ain’t so, Cooper. What’s that? Shelters are loaded with dogs abandoned by pet owners. That’s not right, is it? No, Cooper, you are correct. Too many dogs find their way to shelters simply because their pet owners failed to offer a lot of love and understanding.

Behavior ranks as the No. 1 reason that pet owners give up on their pooches. Couldn’t take another torn up couch. Another pair of shoes destroyed. Garbage litters the floor every time the dog is left alone. Not enough time in the day to spend with that precious puppy. Continue…

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