5 Pet Safety Tips During Storm Season

pet safety

Storm season is here! In Oklahoma, we know about the threats of lightning, hail, flooding, and tornadoes. Our pets need shelter from the storms, too. Here are some tips for pet safety during this dangerous season.

5 pet safety tips

  1. Make sure your pets have appropriate shelter. If your pets can’t come inside with you (which is the safest choice), make sure they have a sturdy, waterproof shelter that they can get into easily.
  2. If your pet is afraid of storms, bring them inside. Pets who are frightened may escape fences, chew through ropes, or break chains. Also, you can speak to your vet about prescriptions that may help your pet feel less anxious during bad weather.
  3. Keep ID on your pet. In case of severe weather, pets can become lost or separated from their owners. Keep a collar with tags on each pet to make sure they are reunited with you after the storm! A microchip is an even better identification solution. Microchips are permanent, so your pet can be identified even if their collar is lost.
  4. Include pets in your safety drills. Pets may not be willing to go into your storm shelter during the frightening experience of a tornado warning if they haven’t practiced going there before. Plan family safety drills and include your pets, using lots of yummy treats to teach them that your storm shelter is a good place to go.
  5. Include pet supplies in your first-aid kit and emergency supplies. Make sure that you have enough drinking water to share with pets (as well as a dish for them to drink from), some food for them, bandages to wrap any potential wounds, etc.

Use these pet safety tips to help prepare yourself and your pets for the possibility of severe weather so that the whole family can stay safe!

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