New Anxiety Medication For Dogs Offers Promise For Noise Phobia

anxiety medication for dogsNoise phobia, specifically thunderstorm phobia, is a very common condition that veterinarians and dog owners have struggled to treat for years.  In fact, one-third of all pet owners report that their dog suffers from noise phobia.  It is important to find something that relieves your dog’s symptoms; because without help, your dog’s fear will worsen with each episode.  Dr. Anna Coffin is happy to announce a new anxiety medication for dogs that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Symptoms of noise phobia include uncontrollable shivering and shaking, panting, excessive drooling, increased heart rate, hiding and some dogs injure themselves trying to escape.  It’s important to recognize these signs early so that you can help relieve your dog’s anxiety.  For some tips to help reduce your dog’s anxiety, read my post Do This, Not That For Dog Anxiety.  You might be surprised that some of the things you are doing to try and relieve your dog’s anxiety may be making it worse.

Anxiety medication for dogs:

Unfortunately, anxiety medication for dogs is needed in many cases to help treat noise phobias.  In the past, sedatives or medications to make your dog sleepy was the treatment of choice.  Examples of these drugs include Acepromazine, Benadryl, and melatonin.  Veterinarians have now realized that this makes the noise phobia anxiety worse because your dog is still scared but they are just too sleepy to respond appropriately.  Dr. Anna Coffin currently recommends anti-anxiety medication for noise phobia, and she is excited to try the newly approved drug on her patients.

Sileo is the first and only FDA drug approved for noise phobia that calms without sedation.  Sileo is a gel that is applied directly to your dog’s gums which makes application easy and non-stressful for you and your dog.  Unlike other anxiety medications for dogs, Sileo acts rapidly and can be reapplied as needed to work for the duration of the event.

Do you need anxiety medication for dogs?  Sadly, forty percent of dogs suffer from noise phobia and are being untreated.  Contact Guthrie Pet Hospital today and let us help make you and your dog’s life better.

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