Cat pee 104: How to stop cat spraying

cat spraying

Cat spraying is a common problem and one of the most common reasons cats are abandoned or relinquished.  During this last cat pee session, Dr. Anna Coffin will discuss tips on how to stop cat spraying.

How to stop cat spraying

  • Spay and neuter your cat.  This will eliminate any sexually related cat spraying.
  • Ward off outside cats by using motion activated water sprinklers
  • Deter outside cats from sitting close to sliding glass doors by laying a plastic carpet protector upside down in from of the door, making it an uncomfortable surface
  • Use microchip or magnetic operated cat doors, so that only your cat can come and go as needed.
  • To prevent further cat spraying, clean area with an odor neutralizer that specifically says it eliminates cat urine odor.  Areas can be located by using a black UV light.  Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners, which smell like urine to a cat.
  • Never punish your cat for spraying as this can lead to cat spraying in less obvious areas.
  • Make sure you are meeting all your cat’s environmental needs.
  • Consider using synthetic pheromones, like Feliway, to help reduce stress and anxiety.[Tweet “Spay and neuter your cat. This will eliminate any sexually related cat spraying.”]

Cat spraying is a frustrating problem for you and stressful for your cat.  Resolving this common behavioral problem in cats can take some time and patience but it can be accomplished with the help of your veterinarian.    Determining the cause of your cat’s stress and removing that stress should resolve the issue.  The sooner you resolve the issue, the easier it is to fix and the happier everyone will be.  If you have tried these tips and are still having problems, book an appointment today with Guthrie Pet Hospital. 

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