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Veterinary Wellness Plans Can Help Your Pet And Your Budget

veterinary wellness plansHere at Guthrie Pet Hospital, we have heard your voice and are responding to make it easier to care for your pet.  Regular preventative care is essential to keeping your pet healthy.  Paying for these services all at once can be a financial strain for some pet owners.  Guthrie Pet Hospital is now offering package veterinary wellness plans that include everything your pet needs for the year in a budget-friendly monthly payments. Continue…

How to Find the Right Pet Insurance Plan

pet insuranceThe quality of veterinary care has never been better. Advancements in diagnostics, medications and treatment technologies have enabled veterinarians to provide amazing care. However, these new tools are expensive when your dog or cat suffers from a serious illness or injury.

So what’s the best way to protect your pet and your budget from unexpected health issues?

Pet insurance


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