Dental Care For Dogs: Keeping Teeth Pearly White

dental care for dogsFebruary is Dental Health Month and for a good reason.  Dental disease is the most commonly diagnosed disease in veterinary medicine.  Therefore, daily dental care for dogs is an important part of keeping your pet’s teeth clean.



If your pet has bad breath, it is likely that your pet has dental disease.  If left untreated, dental disease will progress to pain, tooth loss and even organ problems.

Factors that contribute to dental disease:

  • Breed: Toy breeds, small dogs, and dogs with short muzzles are more prone to dental disease.  Anna Coffin says Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Dachshunds, and Toy Poodles are common breeds she frequently treats for dental disease.
  • Age: Eighty percent of pets over the age of three have some form of dental disease.

Daily dental care for dogs can’t be overemphasized.

Daily dental care can decrease the time in between dental cleanings.  Tooth brushing is the very best thing you can do to keep your pet’s teeth clean.  Chewing on VOHC approved products is the next best thing to improve dental care for dogs.  Prescription veterinary diets for oral health are good options for dogs that are difficult to brush their tooth or don’t like to chew.

The staff at Guthrie Pet Hospital is committed to helping you keep your pet healthy.  If you are having trouble with dental care for dogs, come by today, and we can give you tooth brushing tips and show you a variety of approved chews.

Dr. Anna Coffin wants to highlight a new product for dental care for dogs.  OraVet oral hygiene chews are a new product which you can get from your local veterinarian.  OraVet a one-of-a-kind product which works in two ways.  The action of chewing works to loosen and dislodge plaque to help break it away from the teeth.  The active ingredient, delmopinol, works by forming a barrier on the teeth and prevent new bacteria from adhering to the teeth.

During the month of February, schedule a complimentary black light dental exam and receive a complimentary sample of Oravet.

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