Disaster Planning For Your Pet

disaster planningTornadoes, wildfires, flash flooding and earthquakes are all natural disasters that occur on a frequent basis here in the United States.  Since March is Disaster Preparedness Month, Dr. Anna Coffin will discuss disaster planning for your pet.

Disaster Planning before any of these events is necessary.  Having a plan in place, preparing, and practicing for a natural disaster will help you remain calm in a stressful situation and increase your chance of keeping you and your pet safe.  It is important to stay weather aware and be prepared at any moment to evacuate and move to your safe place with your pets.

Dr. Anna Coffin recommends having a plastic carrier for each pet.  You can use this for transportation, and it provides a safe place for your pet to rest once you arrive at your safe place.

Your pet shouldisaster planningd have permanent identification in case you are separated from your pet.  Although collars and tags help with immediate identification, they can be lost.  That’s why the staff at Guthrie Pet Hospital recommends microchipping every pet.  Most veterinarians, animal control facilities, and shelters have microchip readers.  It is standard procedure to scan every lost pet to check for a microchip.

Please realize that microchips are not GPS trackers.  The only way that your pet can be returned to you is if your contact information is entered into the microchip registry and kept up-to-date.

Another important item for disaster planning is an emergency kit.  An emergency kit contains supplies that will help you treat your pet for any minor wound until you can get to a veterinarian.  Guthrie Pet Hospital now has pet emergency kits for sale!

A new product called Clotit is now available and should be an essential part of your emergency kit.  Clotit a blood stopping powder for animals, and it is currently the fastest way to stop any bleeding for your pet.  Unlike other similar product, this product does not sting when placed in a wound.  Dr. Anna Coffin says it is a great product if you quick a toenail too close.

Guthrie Pet Hospital is offering a disaster planning special for the month of March:

  • $5.00 of microchipping of your pet*  Contact us today for an appointment.
  • 10% off of Clotit Powder or Clotit pet emergency kit (includes clotit powder)*

*While supplies last

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