New Dog Allergy Treatment Offers More Hope For Dogs

dog allergy treatmentOne of the top reasons for veterinary visits is skin disease caused by allergies. In the past, dog allergy treatment involved masking of the signs with steroids.  Unfortunately, steroids cause some bad side effects, and in fact, long term use can lead to diabetes and other serious endocrine disorders.  Now veterinarians have a new drug that mimics your dog’s immune system and blocks the pathway which is involved in the itch cycle.


What is the itch cycle?

  • The skin is exposed to the allergen
  • Over time, the body’s immune system reacts to the allergen
  • Repeat exposure to these allergens causes release of enzymes that cause inflammation of the skin and starts the itch cycle
  • Your dog begins to scratch which causes trauma to the skin
  • Trauma to the skin disrupts the normal skin barrier that keeps it healthy. Damage to the skin makes the skin more vulnerable to allergies and infection.

New dog allergy treatment:

Cytopoint is a monoclonal antibody which specifically targets and neutralized enzymes that cause inflammation and the itch cycle.  Cytopoint is an injectable medication that begins working within 24 hours and continues to work for four to eight weeks with just one single injection.  Eighty percent of owners notice a reduction in itching with the use of this new dog allergy treatment.

How safe is Cytopoint?

  • Is safe to use in combination with other medication
  • It is safe for the liver and kidneys
  • Safe to use on dogs of any age
  • Can be used in dogs with coexisting diseases

Dr. Anna Coffin has been using this medication since it has been available and has seen great results and no side effects.  Pet owners love the fact that they no longer need to give daily medication.  Cytopoint has revolutionized dog allergy treatment.  Book an appointment today at Guthrie Pet Hospital to help relieve your dog’s itch!

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