Dog Dental Cleaning : What’s Involved

dog dental cleaningIf your dog has periodontal disease, the only treatment is a professional dental cleaning and oral assessment.  There are many steps involved in a dog dental cleaning.  Dr. Anna Coffin walks you through the entire process in this week’s blog.







Guthrie Pet Hospital’s dog dental cleaning process

  1. Because a professional dental cleaning involves anesthesia, it is important to make sure that all your pet’s organs are functioning normally.  At Guthrie Pet Hospital, we check your dog’s liver, kidney, sugar and electrolyte levels before beginning the procedure.  We also check your dog’s red and white blood cell count.
  2. Your pet is given pain medication
  3. Dr. Coffin gives your pet a pre-anesthetic exam
  4. Your dog is given an injection of anesthesia solution
  5. An IV catheter is placed in your dog’s leg. This allows us to give fluids during the procedure, and it’s available if emergency medication is needed
  6. An endotracheal tube is placed in your dog’s mouth to administer gas anesthesia and to protect its airway from the water used during the cleaning.
  7. Your dog is placed on gas anesthesia
  8. Technicians connect your dog to electronic monitoring equipment, which helps us continually monitor your pet’s heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and blood pressure. A technician manually checks your pet’s heart rate every five minutes.
  9. IV fluids are administered during the entire procedure.
  10. Now the dog dental cleaning begins!  An ultrasonic cleaner, similar to a water pick, is used to remove the dental tartar from the teeth.  Cleaning below the gum line is one of the most important steps in this process.
  11. Once the teeth are cleaned, it is time to check for other problems, by probing for deep periodontal pockets and taking full mouth dental x-rays.
  12. The entire process of dog dental cleaning is finalized by polished your pet’s teeth to remove any abrasions caused by the ultrasonic cleaner. This also helps prevent plaque and tartar from re-adhering.
  13. Your dog is closely monitored after anesthesia in the recovery room.

This month we are offering free dental exams and are happy to give you an estimate for a professional dental cleaning.  Waiting or putting off your dog dental cleaning will only cause the periodontal disease to worsen and increase the chance that your pet will be in pain and lose its teeth.  Now that you understand the entire process, it is time to book your appointment today.

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