Dog Safety for Kids: Know Your ABC’s

dog safety for kidsKids and dogs seem like a match made in heaven—but it’s important for kids to know how to stay safe around dogs. Kids tend to be noisy and move quickly, which can make dogs feel insecure or scared. Any dog can bite if they feel threatened. ANY DOG CAN BITE. To help your kids stay safe and avoid being bitten by a dog, teach them these simple ABCs of dog safety for kids.






ABC’S of dog safety for kids:

Ask An Adult

Before approaching a dog, ask an adult if it’s okay. First, ask your parents or the adult who’s in charge of you and your safety. If they say “yes,” then ask the adult who is in charge of the dog you want to say hi to. If the adults say “no,” then don’t approach the dog. If the dog’s adult says “yes,” then…

Be A Tree

Stand still with your arms by your sides, be very quiet, and look down at your own feet. Let the dog come up to you first. This helps the dog know that you aren’t going to hurt him. If the dog doesn’t want to come up to you, that’s his decision. Running towards the dog or being noisy could scare the dog. You wouldn’t want a stranger to run up to you and touch you without permission–dogs don’t like that, either. If the dog approaches you and seems comfortable, then…

Calmly Pet The Dog’s Chest

Don’t pet the dog’s head or reach over him. Instead, pet his chest between his front legs. This is a much more comfortable place for most dogs to be touched. If the dog seems scared, growls, or if the dog’s owner asks you to stop, then quit touching him right away and back up slowly. If the dog moves away from you, don’t chase him.

Remember your ABCs and stay safe when you meet new dogs!  Having behavioral problems with your dog?  Did you know that Guthrie Pet Hospital offers behavioral consultation and one-on-one obedience classes?

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