5 Dog Training Fundamentals For Every Dog

dog trainingNo matter how young or old, every dog can benefit from learning some basic behaviors. Here at Guthrie Pet Hospital, they’re the first five skills that we teach in our puppy and beginners obedience classes. By mastering these five dog training fundamentals, you and your dog will be well on your way to a healthy, enjoyable relationship.




5 Dog training fundamentals:

  1.  TOUCH

Hold out your empty hand in front of puppy’s face with your fingers down and palm facing up. When they touch their nose to your hand, say “touch” and give them a treat from THE OTHER HAND. Dogs are naturally curious and will almost always touch the hand you extend as a way of inspecting your scent.


Get an especially yummy treat. Let puppy sniff it, then bring the treat up to your eye level. As soon as the puppy looks at your face, say “watch me” and give them the treat.

3.  LET’S GO

Get puppy’s attention by saying their name in a playful tone. Start walking away from them as you say “let’s go” in the same excited, upbeat manner. If the pup does anything other than walk with you respectfully (not pulling), stand still and get their attention again. When they get it right, give lots of praise and treats. As the puppy gets good at this, start changing directions.

4.  SIT

Use a treat to lure puppy into the sit position. Put the treat to pup’s nose and let them sniff it. Slowly move the treat above their head and slightly toward their tail. Keep the treat in contact with their nose. As their bottom touches the ground, say “sit” and give the treat.

5.  COME

Face the puppy and get its attention by calling their name playfully or by using a high-pitched happy noise. Take three quick steps backward, then squat down. Pup should follow you- think of it as follow the leader, or a game of tag where they are “it.” As puppy reaches you, say “come” and give them a treat or big love.

These 5 basic dog training tips are fundamental to help you and your pup develop a happy, healthy relationship together.  Still, need some help with dog training?  Join Stefani Fortney for basic obedience puppy classes.  Call Guthrie Pet Hospital now to reserve your spot now.

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