Pet emergency essentials needed for natural disasters.

emergency essentials

It’s just as important to plan for your pet’s safety and care in the event of an emergency as food and love.  Dr. Anna Coffin supplies a list of emergency essentials necessary for animal disaster preparedness.






Emergency essentials tips for your pet’s safety:

1.  Make sure your pet can be identified with tags or microchip.  Check to make sure your contact information is up-to-date.[Tweet “Make sure your pet can be identified with tags or microchip.”]

2.  Have a kit of emergency essentials needed in case of displacement.  See the list below for detailed information.  A small bag that you can grab and go is ideal.  This kit is different than a pet first aid kit.  See my blog on How to make a pet first aid kit.

3.  Display pet rescue decals on doors and windows for first responders to see.

4.  Know where your pet likes to hide when frightened so that you can evacuate quickly.

5.  Identify pet-friendly locations where you can evacuate. 

6.  Carry a picture of your pet in case of separation.

7.  Use a pet crate or carrier for safer transportation of your pet.

Emergency essentials needed for your kit:

  • Basic first aid supplies
  • Three days supply of food and water for your pet.  Food should be in a waterproof container
  • Leash or harness
  • Your pet’s medications
  • Copy of your pet’s medical records
  • Your veterinarian and nearest veterinary emergency clinic contact information
  • Blanket and a few comfort items (favorite toy or chew) to help calm your pet.

Now that you have your pet emergency essentials ready, learn what to do from Dr. Anna Coffin’s blog  6 steps for severe weather preparedness for you and your pet.


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