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flea control

People struggle with flea infestations primarily because they don’t understand the flea life cycle and the importance of treating their environment.  Dr. Anna Coffin will discuss what you need to know about stopping fleas dead in their tracts.

Flea Life Cycle:

Adult flea:  The adult flea only accounts for 5% of the flea population.  An adult flea can lay 50 eggs/day and during its 3 week life span can lay up to 1000 eggs. 

Eggs:   Flea eggs make up 50% of the flea population.  Flea eggs are approximately 1/64 of an inch, about the size of a grain of salt.  The flea eggs are the major problem when battle flea infestations because they are harder to see and they have a hard exterior shell protecting them.

Larvae:  Larvae make up 35% of the flea population.  The larvae emerge from the egg when the outside temperature and humidity are appropriate.  The larvae are the least protected from the environment and will crawl to a moist, dark area to continue developing. 

Pupae:  Pupae make up 10% of the flea population.  The larvae develop into the pupae stage depending upon the temperature and humidity.  The pupae is surrounded by a protective cocoon and can remain dormant in this phase for 30 weeks.  Mechanical pressure, carbon dioxide and temperature can stimulate the pupae to hatch out into an adult flea.

Adult fleas can emerge in 13 days.flea control

Most people are concerned about killing the adult fleas on their pet with flea control, but as you can see, 95% of the flea population is in the environment.  Dr. Anna Coffin recommends treating all pets and treating the environment for effective flea control. [Tweet “Dr. Anna Coffin recommends treating all pets and treating the environment for effective flea control. “]

Before treating your environment, vacuum carpeted areas to stimulate the pupae phase to hatch out of the cocoon.  For the best flea control, use a product that will kill adult fleas and their eggs in the environment and on your pet.  Due to the flea life cycle, it’s important to retreat the house again in 14 days.

Fleas can cause skin disease and transmit tapeworms and other contagious diseases to your pet.  All year around flea control is important, especially in the Southern United States, to keep your pet healthy.  The Seresto collar is a great collar that kills fleas and ticks and lasts for 8 months.

flea control

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