3 Grooming Tools Every Pet Owner Needs

grooming tools

As a pet owner, it’s important to take proper care of your pet and that includes taking great care of their skin and coat.  Stefani Fortney is the groomer at Guthrie Pet Hospital and this week she will discuss three grooming tools every pet owner needs.

We all want our pets to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. From the time we bring them into our homes, it’s our responsibility to provide our furry friends with the care they need to live the best life possible. Part of that responsibility is to care for their hygiene.

To provide that care, it’s important to keep the proper grooming tools on hand at home. Even if Rover takes regular trips to the groomer, you should have and use these grooming tools at home so your pet can avoid discomfort caused by matts and tangles, overgrown toenails, stickers, and unsightly eye boogers and poo clingers.

3 grooming tools that every owner should have at home:

  1. A brush appropriate to your pet’s coat type.
  • For slick-coated pups, the best option is a rubber curry brush to loosen dead hair, followed by a bristle brush to add shine to the coat.

grooming tools          grooming tools

  • For double-coated, fluffy, or long-haired dogs, opt for a wire slicker brush. It will penetrate more deeply through the coat, helping to remove undercoat and tangles

grooming tools

  • For the kitties, grab a special cat wire slicker with softer bristles that are made for a cat’s sensitive skin.

grooming tools

     2.    A metal comb that’s appropriate for your pet’s coat type.

  • For most dogs, a “greyhound comb” is the best option. It has one end that is fine, the other end medium spacing.

grooming tools

With this tool, you can remove eye gunk and booty danglers—as well as running it through Fifi’s hair to check for any tangles you may have missed in your initial brushing.

  • For larger pets with thicker coats, you’ll want to pick up a wide-tooth comb.

grooming tools

   3.    The last (but not least) grooming tool you want to keep around the house is a good set of nail trimmers or a nail grinder. While trimming or filing your pet’s nails at home can be intimidating, it’s important to keep those claws at a healthy length between trips tothe groomer or vet.

grooming tools                 grooming tools

If you keep these simple grooming tools at home, learn to use them correctly, and commit to regular at-home hygiene maintenance, your pet will thank you!

grooming toolsStefani Fortney has loved dogs for as long as long as she can remember. At the age of nine, she and her little Beagle mix, Puppy, learned obedience together for the first time in 4-H. As an adult, Stefani became a professional groomer, then later earned her accreditation (ABCDT) as a dog trainer from Animal Behavior College. She uses Positive Reinforcement training techniques exclusively. Stefani currently shares her home with her wife (Melissa), six dogs (Phaedra, Spectre, Mani, Fritter, Poppy, and Opus), and one cat (Pudge).

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