Silvi Interviews New Guthrie Pet Hospital Dr. Baldwin

Dr. BaldwinHello, Silvi here! As the official Cat of Guthrie Pet Hospital, I see a lot of stuff. I see puppy dogs and kitty cats and delivery people and clients and a couple of weird guys that come to steal our rugs every few weeks. There are lots of new faces every day. I don’t know if you have noticed, but we have had some new faces working at the clinic lately as well. We have Felicia, my apprentice clinic cat, who is still trying to get the lay of the land. She is doing a pretty good job for the most part, but she is still kind of a newb. I told her if she licked the windows it would make her look smart…she totally did it! I think she will fit in fine once she quits trying to climb Dr. Anna’s trees.

The other new face at the clinic is Dr. Baldwin. Some people call her Dr. Rachel, some call her Dr. Baldwin, but I like to call her Dr. B. Dr. Anna was getting so busy that it was hard for her to take care of everyone, so she hired Dr. B. to help out. Like Dr. Anna, Dr. B. graduated from Oklahoma State University. Those people sure do like orange. Anyway, Dr. B. is settling in here at the clinic, and I think you guys are going to like her.

I spent some time talking to her the other day, thinking I would get all sorts of juicy stories to share with you about where she grew up or what her favorite color is or if she likes cats or dogs better (pretty sure it’s cats.) But after talking to her, I found out something way better.  She told me why she decided to be a veterinarian.

Dr. Baldwin. didn’t start out going to school to be a vet.  She was an English Major first, but she had been around animals as long as she could remember. She had this one special cat for a long time that got sick while she was in school. There was nothing the vet could do that would make the cat get better, and Dr. B. had to make that really hard decision to let her friend go so it wouldn’t hurt anymore. She told me that the vet that helped her through that was so kind and so compassionate that it changed how Dr. B. felt about the experience. She said she knew then that she wanted to be able to make a difference for other pets and other people like that vet did for her and her kitty. She switched majors and started on her new path, promising herself that she would do everything she could to make sure every pet she saw received the care it deserved and that every pet parent was treated with respect and compassion, just like that vet had done for her.

I think this is way better information to have about a new veterinarian than their favorite color. Everyone should stop by and say hello sometime to both Dr. B. and Felicia. Oh, and if it looks like someone has been licking the windows, it’s probably still Felicia. Dr. Baldwin was way too smart to fall for my suggestion. Toodles!

Please join us in welcoming Felicia and Dr. Baldwin to Guthrie and see the entire staff of Guthrie Pet Hospital on Saturday, December 15th from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  Come and go with snacks provided by Chef Benjamin Coffin!


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