Heartworms In Dogs: Is This Silent Killer Lurking Inside Your Dog?

Heartworms in dogs



Last year’s CAPC Heartworm Prevalence Map showed 4.3 million dogs were tested for heartworms.  Unfortunately, 48,000 (1 out of every 89) tested positive for heartworms.  Learn more about heartworms in dogs and help spread the word during Heartworm Awareness Month!




Heartworms in dogs have been detected in all 50 States.

Here in Oklahoma, I recommend heartworm prevention every 30 days all year around.  Heartworm disease is 15 times more expensive to treat than to prevent and it can be fatal!

The unfortunate thing about heartworms in dogs is that it is completely preventable and sadly more than half of clients leave their veterinary clinic without heartworm prevention. Heartworms can infect dogs, cats, ferrets and rarely humans. Prevention comes in the form of chewable treats, chewable pills, topicals and a six-month injectable.  All these products except the injection need to be given every 30 days.  A lapse of more than a week can place your pet at risk for getting heartworms.

Heartworms are transmitted from pet to pet from the bite of a mosquito. The infected mosquito deposits the larvae (baby heartworm) under the skin of its next victim. It takes the larvae about six months to mature into an adult worm and reach the heart. An adult heartworm is about 12 inches in length. These adults then start producing more baby heartworms that circulate in the blood stream waiting to catch the mosquito train and infect the next victim. Because heartworms in dogs can live five to seven years, each season can lead to an increasing number of worms in the heart.

Heartworms in dogs is very often a silent killer, as many animals do not show clinical signs until it is too late. This is why yearly heartworm testing is so important. Common symptoms in dogs include coughing, exercise intolerance, decreased appetite, weight loss and, in severely infected dogs, congestive heart failure.[Tweet “Heartworms in dogs is often a silent killer. Yearly heartworm testing is important.”]


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