Introducing Our New Dog Groomer: Jennifer Owens

dog groomingWritten by Stefani Fortney, ABCDT and Dog Groomer       When I tell folks what I do for a living, they usually say something about how much fun it must be to play with dogs all day. I agree—that sounds like it would be fun. What I (and my fellow groomers) do is much more involved than that.

Being a dog groomer is hard work.

We’re well-acquainted with parts of your dog that usually go unnoticed. Ear hair, toenails, private parts, anal glands… as a dog groomer, we see and handle every inch of your dog. It can be dirty, difficult, and sometimes dangerous work. You know how much it can hurt to hit a tangle in your hair when you don’t expect it? Imagine if that tangle was in a more—ahem—sensitive area. I bet you’d want to bite someone.

As a dog groomer, I take my job as a caretaker of your canine companion very seriously. I do this job because it’s important to me that your dog is healthy, comfortable, and as aesthetically appealing as possible. Proper maintenance of grooming is important to dogs’ health and hygiene.

Over my years working at Guthrie Pet Hospital, I’ve built a strong relationship of trust with my grooming clients and their owners. My goal is to treat every dog with the same respect and care I would want to be shown to my pups. Believe me—I want your dog to enjoy coming to see me.

When Dr. Coffin and I realized it was time to hire a second dog groomer, it was of utmost importance to me that we find someone who I would trust with my dogs. I needed to be comfortable in the knowledge that every dog who comes in for grooming will be treated and handled with the greatest care.

It took a lot of time to find our second dog groomer, but when I met Jennifer Owens, I knew we had a winner. She deeply cares for the well-being of the dogs entrusted to us every day. She pays attention to the details. She takes the time to build trust with each dog.

dog groomerSo—help us welcome Jennifer to the team! We’re so happy to have her with us, making your dog’s grooming experience the best it can be.

Grooming appointments are now available! Call us at (405) 282-8796 to schedule your dog’s appointment!

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