Dog Diary: What Mani Did This Summer

mani the dog

Dear Diary,

It’s me, Mani. I haven’t written in a while because this summer has been really busy. I turned nine this year. Mama Stef says that’s almost old but not quite actually, really old.

So anyway… I was supposed to have surgery in June to take some lumps off my leg, tummy, chest, neck, and chin. I had to go to work with Mama Stef at the pet hospital. She made me skip breakfast and wouldn’t even give me a sip of water! It made me sad. When I got there, they took some of my blood with a needle so they could make sure all of my organs were working. Guess what. They found out my kidneys are old and tired! Then, they checked my blood pressure and said it was too high. Dr. Coffin said I couldn’t have surgery yet.

Mama Stef got worried, but Dr. Coffin said I just have to eat special food to help my kidneys and take one pill every day to make my blood pressure settle down. Now, I get special food that none of the other dogs get to eat. That’s pretty cool. It’s made by a company called Royal Canin, and it’s called Hydrolyzed Protein Renal. It’s made just for dogs who have kidney problems and food allergies. It tastes REALLY good, so I don’t mind that I had to switch from my old food.

The medicine for my blood pressure works so well; I had to—I mean, I GOT to—go back and have my surgery. Dr. Coffin used a special kind of anesthesia to make it easier for my kidneys to handle it. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, my lumps were all gone, and I had stitches. Mama Stef is making me wear a silly blow-up donut collar so I can’t lick or chew at them. I’m not allowed to run or play rough with the other dogs until I get my stitches out in 2 weeks. I’m getting a lot of extra love and attention, so I don’t feel left out when the other dogs wrestle.

So, as I said—it’s been a really busy summer. I hope this fall is less exciting.

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