Meet the pack! Jade


Meet Jade AKA superstar Jadé and occasionally referred to by her country name Jadene.  She is the middle sister but does not get blamed for everything!

In fact, Jade is one of the most well behaved and chilled dogs that we have ever owned.  She is 7 years old and is a bit on the shy side.  Even as a puppy she was very calm and did not get into a lot of trouble.  Her only down fall is she is a chow hound and loves to counter surf. 

When she was a few months old, my then eldest dog, Guthrie, got into a fight with her and bit her on the head.  He latched on and would not let go.  Luckily I was home and finally broke up the fight.  Jade developed a scar over her right eye from that bite.  The hair in that area is white and spells the letter G.   (See picture)Jade with G

Guthrie has been gone for about five years now and even though it’s not one of my favorite memories of him, every time I see that scar I think of him.  I also believe that this may be why she is so shy.  She prefers to sit in her own chair by herself.  She does seek our attention but it has to be on her terms.  After Guthrie passed away, we adopted a little stray dog and it was so fun watching her come out of her shell and start to play.   Jade and Dharma, the youngest, love to play and hang outside together.

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Dr. Anna was born and raised in Guthrie, Oklahoma. As a teenager, Dr. Anna found her beloved pet dead on the side of the road left to die without any help. That was the moment she decided to become a vet and vowed to help other people and their pets. After a few years of practicing in New Hampshire, Dr. Anna became homesick and decided to return to Guthrie to be with her parents and five other siblings. Family and friends are a major part of our lives which is why we treat our clients at Guthrie Pet Hospital as family.  Dr. Anna and her husband do not have children but are very proud pet parents and therefore, treat every four legged friend as part of the family. 

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