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nutritional solutions

Are you a pet parent and seeking a diet for your pet?  Take the guesswork out of feeding and leave the nutritional solutions to the experts at Royal Canin®.  They provide your pet exact nutrition based on age, breed and size.nutritional solutions




Royal Canin  provides nutritional solutions for:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Small, large and giant breeds
  • Many specific breeds
  • All life stages/ages
  • Prescription diets for pets with specific medical needs [Tweet “Royal Canin provides your pet exact nutrition based on age, breed and size.”]

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Why do you need a different food for each breed?

The short answer:  It’s all about the kibble!  Did you know that Royal Canin is the leader in kibble research and development?  They even have a tool that measures kibble hardness and the amount of force required to beak it.  Royal Canin takes kibble size, shape, texture and density and adapts it to the specific characteristics of each breed of dog and cat to provide precise nutritional solutions for each breed.  nutritional solutions

For example, Labrador Retrievers eat very quickly and usually don’t chew their kibble, so Royal Canin designed a donut-shaped kibble to encourage chewing and slow down the speed of digestion.  In contrast, the Persian cat uses the lower side of their tongue to pick up their kibble due to their flat face, so Royal Canin designed an almond-shaped kibble that was easier for them to eat.

Kibble provides these nutritional solutions:

  1. Dental health:  It’s important for the teeth to penetrate the kibble so that it can provide abrasive action and help remove plaque from the teeth.
  2. Digestion:  Eating slow aids in digestion so the more they chew on the kibble, the better.
  3. Satisfaction:  Kibble density can create a sense of fullness.  Dogs and cats that feel full eat less and stay a healthy weight.
  4. Palatability:  Pets are very sensitive to how a kibble feels in their mouth.  The correct kibble texture is important in enhancing the feeding experience.

Royal Canin was founded in 1968 by Dr. Jean Cathary, in France.  Being a veterinarian, Dr. Cathary’s vision for this pet food company was for it to be grounded in science.  She wanted to base it on knowledge about pets while maintaining respect for them at all times.  Royal Canin has created and is continuing to create an advanced cat and dog food made to satisfy the nutritional solutions of pets. 

Royal Canin has stayed true to their vision.  Despite all the pet food fads that have come and gone in the last 47 years, Royal Canin remains on the cutting edge of pet nutrition.  They have created specialized cat and dog food diets that are unlike anything else in the world.

All the Royal Canin pet food distributed and sold in the United States is made in company-owned plants that are located in the United States and Canada.  Royal Canin’s worldwide headquarters, which is located in Southern France, was built in 1968 and remains one of the world’s most advanced pet food manufacturing facilities.  It is also home to 180 cats and 160 dogs that have access to the grounds and interact with Royal Canin associates daily to provide them with a reminder that they are working for the animals.

nutritional solutions

Part of the PetSmart® vision is to offer superior products, so it’s no surprise that they sell Royal Canin diets.  Find a local PetSmart near you to get the nutritional solutions for  your dog or cat.

nutritional solutions


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