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Silvi Interviews New Guthrie Pet Hospital Dr. Baldwin

Dr. BaldwinHello, Silvi here! As the official Cat of Guthrie Pet Hospital, I see a lot of stuff. I see puppy dogs and kitty cats and delivery people and clients and a couple of weird guys that come to steal our rugs every few weeks. There are lots of new faces every day. I don’t know if you have noticed, but we have had some new faces working at the clinic lately as well. We have Felicia, my apprentice clinic cat, who is still trying to get the lay of the land. She is doing a pretty good job for the most part, but she is still kind of a newb. I told her if she licked the windows it would make her look smart…she totally did it! I think she will fit in fine once she quits trying to climb Dr. Anna’s trees. Continue…

Guthrie Pet Hospital Wants To Thank Loyal Clients

Guthrie Pet HospitalGuthrie Pet Hospital is growing, and we appreciate your patronage.  To thank you for your loyal support, I want to make you aware of our new app and our loyalty program.

In May of 2017, Guthrie Pet Hospital developed an app for the clinic.  You can download the app on your Apple or Windows phone directly from the app store by searching for Guthrie vet.  The app pairs with our office software through your e-mail address, so it’s important to update your e-mail address with us.  Once you have downloaded the app, use your e-mail address as your login and enter a password.  Wait at least 24 hours for the app to sync with our office software.  Once the system has synced, your pets will be added into the app automatically.


What can you do with Guthrie Pet Hospital app?

  • View your pet’s vaccination history
  • Call the clinic directly from the app
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Request appointment
  • Request prescriptions for pick up at the clinic
  • Receive push notifications: You will receive notifications about upcoming appointments, once a month heartworm prevention reminder and our monthly special announcement.
  • Post your pet’s selfie to share with others
  • Search our extensive Pet Health Library for common health problems
  • Connect with us on our social media channel

You must have the Guthrie Pet Hospital app downloaded on your phone to use the loyalty program.  You will receive $100 credit on your account for every 16 stamps that you earn.

How to earn loyalty stamps:

  • One stamp for downloading the app
  • One stamp for every $100 spent on each invoice. TIP:  If you are checking out and owe $95.00 for your visit, buy your pet a toy or some treats to reach that $100.00 goal.
  • Watch for push notifications and monthly specials offering additional stamps

If you don’t have our app, please download and take advantage of all the great benefits and start earning your rewards today.  Contact Guthrie Pet Hospital if you are having trouble connecting and we will be happy to help you.

Is Your Senior Cat A Second-Class Citizen?

senior catDid you know that veterinarians see 50% fewer cats for annual wellness exams than dogs?  An even sadder statistic from a recent survey shows that 77% of cats over 12 years of age are not being seen in the 18 months before being euthanized.  This week I will discuss the difference between a senior cat and a geriatric cat and how you can help them before it is too late. Continue…

How To Care For Barn Cats During The Winter

barn catsIn a perfect world, all cats would live pampered lives inside homes designed for their specific needs, with runs and tunnels and high spots in every room. The reality is that not all cats are indoor cats, and not all cats are suitable pets. That is the difference between a stray cat and a feral cat. A stray cat is one that has been a pet at some point and is easily reacclimated to living with humans. A feral cat is one that has never lived with humans and is self-sufficient for its food. Feral cats provide a vital service to humans in keeping down the rodent populations both in towns and farms. Programs that trap, neuter, and then release these cats back into the community sometimes relocate them to farms or warehouses where there is a specific need for rodent control. These are the working cats in our world, and they deserve respect and care. With temperatures starting to dip down into the 40’s at night now is a good time to start thinking about winter preparations for your outdoor working friends, the barn cats. Continue…

My Pet Has Diabetes, Now What?

diabetesApproximately, 1 out of ever 300 dogs and 1 out of ever 230 cats have diabetes in the United States.  Unfortunately, pet diabetes is on the rise.  Since November is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, Dr. Anna Coffin will discuss what needs to happen after the diagnosis. Continue…

Cat Shedding Tools: Do You Dread The Shed?

cat shedding toolsAnyone with cats knows that a change of season means its time to shave the couch. At least, that’s what it feels like with the amount of cat hair that settles in your house. No matter how often you vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, or run the leaf blower through your home it just seems to be a never-ending battle against the fur! Having had cats most of my life I generally stuck with brushing as the way to control the shedding, but I decided to look at some of the new cat shedding tools on the market that claim to reduce or even stop shedding altogether. What’s the worst that can happen, right? Continue…

Introducing A New Cat: How To Turn Bye Felicia Into Hello Felicia

introducing a new catLast month my husband and I went on an RV trip to Natural Falls State Park.  We invited friends along and decided there wasn’t enough room to take one of the dogs.  About thirty minutes after getting set up a grey and white long hair cat come up to our campsite.  She was very friendly and stayed around the entire weekend.  There were no homes in the area, and she had no collar or identification, so we decided to bring her back to Guthrie.  This week I will discuss introducing a new cat to your household.  Continue…

Five Reasons Why Dogs Bark: Discover The Basis For The Bark

why dogs barkIt’s something we’ve all experienced, whether as the owner of a barking dog, the person being barked at, or the neighbor being thoroughly annoyed. There are some situations where we find it completely normal and even desirable for our dogs to bark. If an intruder is trying to break into my house, I want my dogs to let loose with their scariest roars. However, it becomes a nuisance if they decide to bark at every noise throughout the night, or during my dinner, or at every person we pass on our walk. Half the battle is discovering why dogs bark. Continue…

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