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Orphaned Wildlife: What do I do now?

orphaned wildlife

Anyone who spends any time outside is eventually bound to come across what looks like orphaned wildlife. Bunnies, birds, and kittens are the most frequently found and are responsible for the majority of calls for help from veterinarians. People are unsure if they should touch the animal, fearing the scent of a human will cause the mother to reject the baby. People sometimes fear that if the orphaned wildlife was abandoned, it must have been kicked out by the mother because it is diseased or injured.


Help Control The Pet Population Spay and Neuter Your Pets!

spay and neuter

Spring is the beginning of warmer weather and longer days.  Spring leads to blooming flowers, budding trees, and baby animals.  In fact, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day.   At this alarming rate, things can get out of hand rather quickly.  For instance, one intact female cat and all her offspring will produce 11,606,077 cats over nine years, and one intact female dog and all her offspring will produce 67,000 dogs over six years?  This week let’s talk all about spay and neuter.


Beware Of Lethal Change In Rat Poison

rat poison

Due to a 2011 EPA regulation, household rat poisons such as d-CON are changing their active ingredient from a second- generation (long-acting) anticoagulant to a first-generation (short-acting) anticoagulant.  These changes are rolling out this year.  Because rat poison is one of the most common toxicities that we see in veterinary medicine, it’s important to understand the consequences this will have on your pet.


5 Ways To Help Your Dog Enjoy Grooming


As a professional groomer, I’m often faced with the challenge of having to soothe a dog who doesn’t enjoy the experience. While some dogs genuinely enjoy their spa day, there are many dogs who become anxious, frightened, or stressed when they visit. No matter how hard I try to make every dog’s experience a positive one, there’s only so much I can do during the actual grooming process to alleviate a dog’s stress. Believe me when I say that I want every dog to enjoy their grooming—a happy, relaxed dog is much, much easier to groom. I can speak gently, offer treats, give calming touches, and move slowly but if a dog is frightened or stressed past their threshold, none of these things makes a great deal of difference.


If You Can Only Do One Thing For Your Puppy, Do This!

Acquiring a new puppy is a huge responsibility.  You are responsible for its health and well-being, so it’s important to understand what you need to provide.  Food, love, and training are important but giving your puppy vaccinations may make the difference between life and death.  The most important thing you can do for your puppy is vaccinating for Parvovirus. 


Pet Safety Tips: Spring Forward and Stay Safe

pet safety tips

This weekend is a rite of passage. We set our clocks forward an hour and our season to spring. Any fear of oversleeping is quickly replaced with the extended sunlight at the end of our day and the promise of warmer weather. Spring cleaning, preparing gardens, sprucing up around the house, and thoughts of travel get us through the last few weeks of cold weather, but each one of those activities has hidden dangers for our pets. Learn some pet safety tips for this coming spring.


How To Feed Your Kitten

feed your kitten

Getting a new kitten is so exciting and fun, but it’s also a lot of work.  Starting on the right foot is the key to a long happy relationship with your new best friend.  The key to raising a kitten is starting early and staying consistent with your techniques.  This week Dr. Anna Coffin will discuss how to feed your kitten.


The Do’s And Don’ts of CBD For Pets

CBD for petsWere you aware that until December 20, 2018, that hemp and its by-products were still considered illegal substances?  The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 removed hemp also known as cannabis and its derivatives containing less than 3% THC from the Controlled Substance Act.  Veterinarians discussing or selling CBD products before the passing of this bill were putting their license on the line.  Due to the rising public interest in this topic, I am happy to be able to discuss CBD for pets.  This will be the first of several posts to help you stay informed about CBC for pets. Continue…

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