Pet First Aid: They Have An App For That

pet first aidDo you know the early warning signs of a pet emergency?  Do you know what to do if you have a pet emergency?  Do you know the basics about pet first aid?  Do you have a pet first aid kit?  Do you know where to take your pet in case of an emergency?  Since April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, Dr. Coffin has found an app that has the answers to all these questions.









What’s in the Red Cross Pet First Aid App?

  • Know what’s normal: This section explains normal heart rate, breathing rate, capillary refill time, mucous membrane color, and temperature.  These are factors that are important during a pet emergency.  It not only tells you what normal values are for dogs and cats but how to accurately take proper measurements.
  • Vet hospital locator: Once you download the app, Dr. Coffin recommends adding your veterinary’s phone number into the app.  With the touch of a button, you can call you veterinarian with the touch of a button.  The hospital locator is a great feature if you are traveling with your pet.
  • The ABC’s of Pet first Aid: This is the first things that you need to do in a pet emergency.  Check the airway, check the breathing and check the circulation.
  • 24 Pet emergency situations: This app offers 24 dog and cat pet emergency situations and how to treat them.  Situations included:
    • allergic reactions
    • bite wounds
    • Bloat
    • bleeding
    • blood sugar
    • breathing problems
    • Burns
    • car accidents
    • choking, collapse
    • CPR, drowning
    • electric shock
    • eye emergencies
    • Falling
    • Frostbite
    • heart emergencies
    • heat related
    • Hypothermia
    • Poisoning
    • Seizures
    • Shock
    • slipped disc
    • smoke inhalation
  • Disaster and Emergencies: Tips for disasters and emergencies, items needed for a pet first aid kit
  • Toxic substances: A list of toxic substances for dogs and cats and the symptoms they cause
  • How to medicate your dog or cat

Dr. Coffin and the staff at Guthrie Pet Hospital are impressed with this all-inclusive pet first aid app, and we recommend you download it right now.  You can be more prepared for a pet emergency if you view the pet emergency situations before they happen.  Become familiar with the app so that you know where to find things when an emergency arises.

Guthrie Pet Hospital is offering 10% off Clot it pet emergency kits for the entire month of April.  These emergency kits are great to have in your home, car and camper.

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