Need Help Picking The Right Pet Food?

pet foodThere are so many pet food brands available that it can be hard to determine what to feed your pet.  The pet food industry is currently being flooded with marketing gimmicks to get you to purchase their food.  Don’t be fooled by all the cool words and attractive looking pet foods.

Proper nutrition provides the building blocks that your pet needs to live a long healthy life.  Choosing the wrong pet food can cause health issues such as weight loss, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and poor hair coat.





Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition® has taken into consideration each breed’s health concerns and formulated a diet to help prevent these common problems.  Royal Canin makes it simple and less confusing to know what to feed your purebred dogs and cats, and their product is 100% guaranteed.  If your pet doesn’t like the food, bring it back to Guthrie Pet Hospital for a full refund.

What makes Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition the right pet food?

  1. It’s all about the kibble:  The kibble is designed to meet each breed’s specific facial and jaw structure along with their biting pattern.  The shape, size and texture are different for each breed based on scientific research on how each breed eats.
  2. Different dog breeds require different nutrition: Royal Canin has done in-depth analysis and research on each dog and cat breed to determine their nutritional needs based on their genetic makeup.

The staff of Guthrie Pet Hospital is happy to talk with you about all our pet food.  We are excited about our new Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition pet food diets and welcome you to come and take a look.

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