Pet Nutrition: Knowing How and What To Feed Your Pet

pet nutritionLet’s face it; pet nutrition is vital to your pet’s health.  There are many places to seek information on-line, some of them good and some bad.  In fact, a recent survey reported six out of ten pet owners are researching pet health topics online before or after visiting their veterinarian.  Dr. Anna Coffin recommends consulting with your veterinarian about your pet’s nutrition and ask them for a reputable on-line place to search these topics.

Things to consider when looking for a diet:

  • What is the pet’s overall health?
  • Does the pet have any health issues which need a nutritional intervention?
  • What is the pet’s body condition score?
  • Is the pet maintaining appropriate muscle mass?

The pet food industry is a billion-dollar industry in the United States.  Pet nutrition can be confusing especially when many companies are only in the business for the money.  Don’t fall victim to the latest pet diet fads.  Do some research, with assistance from your veterinarian and these great on-line sources.

Dr. Anna Coffin likes to align with trusted manufacturers who have a commitment to research and development with marketing instead of pet food companies that put out a lot of hype.  It’s important to stay away from trendy diets such as gluten-free diets.  These diets are purely a marketing ploy to get you to feed your pet as you feed yourself.

Pet Nutrition 101:  How to pick the right pet food

  • Is the diet complete and balanced?
  • Is the diet nutritionally adequate for the pet’s life stage, health status, and weight?
  • Are the diet’s calorie density and protein level appropriate for your pet?
  • Are you comfortable with the manufacturing quality assurance?
  • What is the nutritional philosophy of the company?

Pet feeding recommendations:

  • Purchase the highest-quality pet food that fits your budget.
  • Store the food properly to avoid contamination.
  • Maintain a regular feeding schedule.
  • Avoid overfeeding. Always measure the recommended amount.
  • Wash food and water dishes after every feeding.

In my blog How to Find the Right Pet Food, I list 8 important questions to ask pet food companies.

Guthrie Pet Hospital is here to help with your pet’s nutrition.  We sell a variety of pet foods from reputable companies that are committed to improving the life of your pet through pet nutrition.  Call today for your pet’s nutritional consultation.

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