New Scientific Breakthrough In Pet Weight Management By A Guthrie Vet Clinic

New pet weight management options for pets by a Guthrie vet clinic.


weight managementA Guthrie vet clinic reveals a new scientific breakthrough in pet weight management.  The first step in a successful weight loss plan is knowing your pet’s ideal body weight and feeding thirty percent fewer calories than the amount required to maintain that ideal body weight.   The second step is a new revolutionary diet break-through from Hill’s Prescription Diet.

Hill’s and The University of Tennessee developed Healthy Weight Protocol which is a tool to determine the ideal body weight of an animal.  Prior to this, determining body condition in pets was very subjective.  This tool involves measuring certain areas of a pet’s body with a tape measure and entering the measurements into a calculator to determine what is the ideal body weight states a Guthrie vet clinic.

Hill’s has also formulated a new, revolutionary diet for dogs and cats called Metabolic Advanced Weight Solutions.  This diet works with each pet’s unique metabolic response to burn excess body fat.  It has been clinically proven to provide 28% weight loss in two months.  In fact, 88% of pets involved in a veterinarian supervised in-home study lost weight without strict protocols or precise measuring.


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