Why you need pet wellness plans for your pets

pet wellness plans

Regular preventative care is essential for your pet’s continued health.  Dr. Anna Coffin explains what pet wellness plans are and why you need one.

The Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study published in 2011 revealed that owners would visit their veterinarian more often if they offered a full year pet wellness plan and monthly billing for routine services.  Veterinarians across the nation, including Guthrie Pet Hospital, have responded to this request and are now offering pet wellness plans.

Pet wellness plans contain all the services your pet needs for an entire year at a discounted price along with budget-friendly monthly payments. 

Here are a few things that are typically offered with pet wellness plans:pet wellness plans

  1. Vaccinations:  Vaccines help keep your pet healthy and protect them from many deadly and contagious diseases.  Your veterinarian will perform a risk assessment to see what vaccines your pet needs.
  2. Examinations:  Many veterinary clinics are offering free examinations with these pet wellness plans.  Dr. Anna Coffin says that physical examinations are essential for pet wellness plansdetecting disease early on, before they become more serious.
  3. Diagnostic tests:  Pets age more rapidly than humans.  Diagnostic tests are crucial for detecting problems that are not visible to the human eye.
  4. Surgical procedures:  Most puppy and kitten plans include spay and neutering.  Many adult pet wellness plans include dental cleanings.  By 3 years of age most pets have some form of dental disease.

Pet owners who purchase preventive care plans:

  • No longer have to worry about what their pet is “due for” and how they will afford it.
  • Seek medical care sooner when problems arise
  • Reduce their overall costs since it generally is much less expensive to prevent health problems than it is to diagnose and treat them. 

Preventive care can help save pets the discomfort of advanced illness and help save pet owners the stress and expense of treatment. Why? Because preventive care helps make sure that illness never advances.[Tweet “preventive care helps make sure that illness never advances.”]

Pet wellness plans are not the same as pet insurance.  Pet insurance helps pay for the unexpected costs of major medical illnesses that may not ever occur.  But with pet wellness plans, you are receiving all the services that you have paid for at a discounted price.

Guthrie Pet Hospital offers a variety of pet wellness plans based on the age and sex of your pet.  Request an appointment with us now!

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