Relay For Life: Why Do We Relay?

Relay for LifeWritten by Stacey Frazier

Why do you Relay? Every year we are asked that question, and every year we struggle to find a response that adequately answers it. There are so many answers- but at the heart of the matter, there is only one that makes sense. We participate in  Relay for Life because we can. We can when so many others cannot.

Our team, Pets and Prescriptions, is comprised of individuals that see pain every single day. We see pets suffering from an illness they cannot understand. We see their owners-their family members, struggling to make decisions no one should have to make. We see devastated clients walk out of the clinic empty-handed, except for a familiar blanket or collar clutched in their hand.

We see clients themselves struggling with their illnesses and frantic to find a home for their furry family members should the unthinkable happen. We see family members of clients trying to comfort old dogs who just don’t understand why their owner hasn’t come home to take them for a walk or rub their belly or stroke their head.

We see staff members fighting to get through the day while a loved one is sick, wanting desperately to be with them but still needing to work to pay the ever- mounting bills. We see staff members themselves sick, trying to keep their lunch down and their chin up while a battle rages inside their body during treatment.

We all have seen far too many pets, clients, friends, and family lose the battle that so many fight every day. Why do we Relay? Because we can. Because we should. Because every single person can make a difference in someone else’s life. And because we all matter- two legs, four legs, yappers, yowlers, and you.

How can you help?  Donate your time or money to any Relay for Life team in your area.  Overall, 74% of the American Cancer Society resources go to cancer research, patient support, prevention information and education, and detection and treatment.  Interestingly enough, 95% of these funds are raised by people like us that hold Relay for Life events.

Pet’s and Prescription fundraisers for Relay for Life 2016:

  • Purchase stars, moons, or paw prints for $1.00-$00 at Guthrie Pet Hospital. They will be displayed at the clinic until our event on April 30th.
  • Tipsy Artist paint party on March 26th @ 6:30 pm. 10% of the ticket proceeds will go to our team.  Book your spot today before we fill up!
  • 89’ers Backyard Bash at Dr. Anna Coffin’s house on April 23rd immediately after the parade. Enjoy food from I Don’t Know I Don’t Care food truck, live band provided by WG Auto and beverages provided by Gus’s Liquor Store.  Everyone is welcome we just ask you leave a donation.
  • Relay for Life Event on April 30th. The event this year will be from 12:00 pm – 12:00 am on Oklahoma Avenue.  This is a family fun event so bring your entire family.  Every team has an on-site fundraiser.  This year our team has a dunk tank where you can purchase a chance to dunk local celebrities. Music, Live and silent auctions and much more is available at this wonderful event.
  • Donate on-line
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