Fire Hydrant-side Chat: New Year’s Resolutions for Dogs

dogsThis post was written by Mani the Perfect Pittie for all the dogs out there! Please read this aloud for illiterate pups, or allow educated Rovers to read for themselves.

Hey there, fellow pups! Did you know it’s almost time for a new year to start? I’m sure you’ve heard about how rotten 2016 has been. Maybe you’ve had a not-so-great year, too. My Mom got stressed out because of something called “elections,” then she stopped giving me ice cream because the doggie doctor said I was chubby. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this year to go bye-bye. I watch TV all day while Mom is at work and I’ve heard a bunch of people talking about New Year’s resolutions. I decided I should make some for myself so I can be an even better dog next year. (It has been documented that I’m already at “good dog” status.)

Mani’s New Year Resolutions For Dogs:

Resolution #1: Be less chubby.

Doggie doctor says I need to lose a little weight. I don’t understand why this might be important, but it makes Mom worried. So, in 2017, we’re going to walk more, eat carrots instead of cookies, and always use a measuring cup to make sure I’m only getting as much food as I’m supposed to, according to the guidelines on the food bag. I think this will be no fun, but I love my Mom, and I want to make her happy. She said we could play more fun games, too. I like that.

Resolution #2: Lower Stress Levels

Mom got anxious a lot this year, and that stressed me out, too. To reduce the stress in our house, I’ve decided to tell Mom to play with me and pet me more. By getting off her phone and away from the TV, we’ll both be happier and healthier. Did you know that science says that petting a dog is a good way to feel calmer and better? I think going for more walks and playing outside with me will help Mom get stressed less, too.

Resolution #3: Learn Stuff

I’m smart. I know all about food and digging and barking at stuff. This year, I want to learn more about the stuff Mom thinks is important… like not begging for table scraps, not barking at invisible stuff, being “obedient,” and keeping my teeth off of the couch. I think I might even ask Mom about doing some training at home. I know she teaches other dogs and their people when she’s at work, so I bet she could help me learn, too.

So—those are my New Year’s Resolutions. What are yours? My mom wants to help other dogs reach their New Year resolutions by offering 10% off obedience training at Guthrie Pet Hospital during the month of January.  Maybe I will see you there.

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