9 Reasons to feed Royal Canin

royal canin Dr. Anna Coffin recently toured the Royal Canin® manufacturing plant in Guelph, Canada.  This week she would like to share some information about this company.

Nine reasons to feed Royal Canin to your pet.

  1. Pet first philosophy:  Royal Canin was founded by veterinarian Jean Cathary in 1968.  His vision was to make food based on scientific evidence.  Their philosophy is to respect animals at all times and create dog and cat food that satisfies the need of the pet – not the desires of the owner.  This philosophy is reflected in their France campus, that houses 160 cats and 180 dogs of varying breeds.  These animals have daily access to the campus grounds and regularly interact with their associates.
  2. Innovation:  Royal Canin is the expert in kibble research.  They take kibble size, shape, texture and density and adapts it to the specific characteristics of each breed of dog and cat to provide precise nutritional solutions for each breed. They continue to develop new and updated formulas based on the latest scientific evidence.
  3. Palatability:  Every diet is formulated to ensure superior palatability.  Pets are very sensitive to how a kibble feels in their mouth.  The correct kibble texture is important in enhancing the feeding experience.
  4. Research:  It’s no simple task to formulate the best premium pet food.  Royal Canin has developed dog and cat foods for different sizes, breeds, ages, lifestyles and specific health needs.  These foods are formulated by their team of expert scientists, veterinary nutritionist, veterinarians and engineers.
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  Royal Canin believes in their food so much that they are willing to guarantee their food for any reason. 
  6. Complete diet lines:  Royal Canin has 150 formulas of dog and cat food.  They have premium dog and cat foods for different sizes, breeds, ages and lifestyles.
  7. Veterinary exclusive wellness line:  They have an extensive line of veterinary prescription pet foods unique for specific illnesses.
  8. Only Royal Canin manufacturing plants are used:  All diets are made in company-owned manufacturing facilities that maintain rigorous safety and quality control.  Dr. Anna Coffin was very impressed with the cleanliness of the plant in Canada.  The plant was cleaner than most restaurant kitchens!  They test 100% of their raw materials and continue to check throughout the manufacturing process.  Once a week they stop production and deep clean the entire facility.
  9. Customer support and assistance:  Royal Canin has veterinarians available to assist with nutritional management of sick and healthy pets.

Royal canin

Still not sure?  Read Dr. Anna Coffin’s post on How to find the right pet food.  Royal Canin meets and even exceeds all of the questions to ask pet food companies discussed in this blog.  Guthrie Pet Hospital will be selling Royal Canin breed specific diets early 2016.


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