How To Find The Right Scratching Post

scratching post

It is natural instinct for your cat to scratch.  In fact, scratching is necessary to help maintain your cat’s claws, and it is a way for them to leave visual and scent markers to other cats in the area.  Dr. Anna Coffin describes how to pick the right scratching post.

Did you know that cat’s have scratching preferences?  Dr. Anna Coffin explains that this may explain why your cat scratches on some things, but leaves other things alone. Discovering your cat’s scratching preferences is key to the right scratching post.


Scratching post preferences

  • Material:  Preferences in scratching post material can range from sisal, cardboard, carpet, leather and even wood
  • Direction of the scratching post:  Cat preferences vary from vertical, horizontal  and some enjoy a little of both
  • Height of the scratching post:   Cats that prefer to stretch out and reach above their heads to scratch will most likely enjoy a higher scratching post. 
  • Location of the scratching post:  Scratching posts are like real estate it’s all about Location, location, location.  Dr. Anna Coffin recommends placing the scratching post in a high traffic area. 

Promote Positive Scratching Behaviors

Look at the items your cat is currently scratching to get a clue for their scratching preferences.  Once you can include all your cat’s scratching preferences into one scratching post, your mission will be complete, and all will be well within your home.

Wiping cat nip or Feliway on your cat’s scratching post can help encourage your cat to scratch on appropriate objects.  Dr. Anna Coffin recommends rewarding your cat for appropriate behavior and ignoring inappropriate behavior.  With these tips and time, you can teach your cat to scratch appropriately and prevent painful declawing procedures.

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