Why Sit Matters: The Building Block Of Dog Obedience


One of the first things we teach our dogs in obedience class is the sit cue. It’s the basic building block of any training curriculum. Have you ever wondered why it’s so important for our dogs to sit when we ask them to? What’s so important about “sit”? Here are a few of the reasons why it matters.



Sit For Focus

The world is full of exciting stuff for our dogs. Smells, sights, and sounds are constantly bombarding our dogs, causing them to be overwhelmed by the distractions and stimuli of a busy, unfamiliar setting.

Whether you’re on a walk, going to the dog park, taking a trip to the vet, or just hanging out at home.  It can be a challenge to keep your dog’s focus on you, rather than the world of distractions around you. Asking your dog to “sit” can draw his focus back to you. Practice having your dog sit in different settings and situations. Make sure to offer him treats and affection when he gets it right.

Sit To Say “Please.”

Dogs can be pushy. They beg for food, bark to go outside, push their way to your hand for scratches and pets—and these behaviors can lead to problems.

Having your dog sit to say “please” is a great way to help Rover remember his manners. When you ask your dog to sit before receiving food, going through doors, getting affection, or playing with toys, it helps him to avoid the development of unwanted behaviors.

Sit To Redirect

There are a lot of annoying behaviors that can’t occur while a dog is in a sitting posture. A dog who is sitting can’t jump on your great-grandfather.

Use the “sit” cue to distract your dog from naughty behaviors.  A dog who’s destructive or noisy can benefit from being given a cue that they understand.

Now that you know some of the benefits of the “sit” cue, go out and practice!  Need help training your dog?  Guthrie Pet Hospital offers one-on-one and group obedience classes.  Call us today!

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