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Canine Good Citizen Stages 7 & 8: Coming When Called and Reaction To Another Dog

Canine Good CitizenWe’re getting close to the end of our series on the Canine Good Citizen test. This week, Stefani Fortney takes you through stages 7 and 8 of the test. These test two behaviors that can keep your dog, the public, and you safe in situations where your dog may see something s/he wants very much. Having a strong recall (Come) and being able to exist around other dogs without acting like a heathen are skills that show a willingness for your dog to focus on you, his handler, rather than the more interesting world around you. Continue…

Basic Obedience: Canine Good Citizen Stage 5 & 6

basic obedienceA lot of the test items deal with everyday situations your dog may be asked to encounter in the real world—being approached by a stranger, being startled by a cyclist, seeing another dog at the end of the block, getting examined by a vet or brushed by a groomer… all of those fall under what I think of as the “socialization stuff.”  Stefani Fortney discusses the next two stages that involve integrating good social skills with basic obedience training. Continue…

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