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Spring has Sprung, and so have the Fleas!


Warmer weather brings blossoms and blooms and unfortunately, bugs. March signals the beginning of flea and tick season and is the time to start taking preventive measures against fleas.  Understanding the flea life cycle will help you eliminate them from your pets. Continue…

4 Health Problems Fleas Cause In Cats

fleasSpring is just around the corner and with warmer weather arriving, fleas will start to reappear.  Fleas are very prolific parasites, in fact, one flea can produce 50-100 eggs/day.  Guthrie Pet Hospital recommends preventative measures to prevent infestations.  This week Dr. Coffin will discuss health issues in cats caused by fleas. Continue…

Wordless Wednesday

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 Did you know that a single flea can bite your pet 400 times a day, drink more than its body weight in blood and produce hundreds of eggs each day? Besides causing skin and allergy issues fleas can transmit tapeworms to your pet. When you see fleas on your pet, you are only seeing 5% of their population. The other 95%, (consisting of eggs, larvae and pupae) are living in the environment, such as your carpet, couch and grass. Weather permitting, new adult fleas emerge every 2 weeks.  [Tweet “Did you know that a single flea can bite your pet 400 times/day and drink more than it’s body weight in blood?”]

Did you see last week’s post about Home remedies for fleas:  Mythbusters?

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Vet in Guthrie concludes journey with preventative medicines.

Vet in Guthrie recommends preventative medication.

Keep your pet healthy all year long with these preventative medications prescribed by a vet in Guthrie.

This is the eighth and final part of a Guthrie vet wants to take you on a journey.  The history, physical exam, lab work, and vaccines have been given and it’s just about time to step out of the clinic and head back home.   Before you leave, vets in Guthrie will want you to protect your pet against internal and external parasites by purchasing medication.  Many of these parasites can also be transmitted to people states a vet in Guthrie.  Continue…

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