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Allergies in pets by a vet in Guthrie

A vet in Guthrie discusses treatment for atopic dermatitis.

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If your dog meets more than 5 of the following criteria it’s highly likely your dog has atopic dermatitis due to inhalant allergies:  Onset of itching occurs before 3 years of age, dog lives primarily inside, the itching responds to steroids, has chronic or reoccurring yeast infections, front feet are itchy, ear flaps are inflamed but the margins of the ears are not affected and is not itchy around the tail.  The good news is a vet in Guthrie can help you reverse the allergy rather than mask signs with steroids with a fairly new treatment.

Many of you are probably familiar with taking allergy injections for yourself or a family member to desensitize you to the allergy.  This treatment is the same concept but instead of having to give your pet a shot you give the medication orally.  Sublingual immunotherapy has been used a lot in Europe for treating people for allergies and a vet in Guthrie says it is just recently becoming available for treatment of animals in the United States.  The allergens that your pet is allergic to is formulated and administered in a metered pump dispenser that delivers drops into the mouth and is absorbed through the gums.

Currently this treatment is limited to environmental allergies and not food allergies.  However, this type of therapy has been used to successfully treat patients with peanut allergies which may be an indication that this may be useful for treating food allergies in pets in the future.  Interestingly, one study showed that 50% of dogs that failed allergy injection treatment responded to sublingual treatment.

I know it all sounds too good to be true but there are some disadvantages to this treatment.  The main disadvantage is that is does not work immediately (3-6 months) and sometimes doesn’t work at all.  A recent study showed a 60% response rate.  The other downfall with this product is that it requires long term (6-12 months) twice daily treatment where injections are typically given once weekly.  Feel free to contact a vet in Guthrie if you think your pet will benefit from this type of treatment.

Dr. Anna was born and raised in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  As a teenager, Dr. Anna found her beloved pet dead on the side of the road left to die without any help.  That was the moment she decided to become a vet and vowed to help other people and their pets.  After a few years of practicing in New Hampshire, Dr. Anna became homesick and decided to return to Guthrie to be with her parents and five other siblings.  Family and friends are a major part of our lives which is why we treat our clients as family.  Dr. Anna and her husband do not have children but our very proud pet parents and therefore, treat every four legged friend as part of the family.

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