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Pet Wellness Plans: What Is It And Do You Need It?

pet wellness plansKeeping your pet healthy is a veterinarian’s number one priority.  The easiest way to keep your pet happy and healthy is an annual visit to the veterinarian.  Do you have trouble affording your pet’s annual vaccinations, testing and preventative medication?  If you do, then pet wellness plans can help you get the care your pet needs with affordable monthly payments. Continue…

Why you need pet wellness plans for your pets

pet wellness plans

Regular preventative care is essential for your pet’s continued health.  Dr. Anna Coffin explains what pet wellness plans are and why you need one.

The Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study published in 2011 revealed that owners would visit their veterinarian more often if they offered a full year pet wellness plan and monthly billing for routine services.  Veterinarians across the nation, including Guthrie Pet Hospital, have responded to this request and are now offering pet wellness plans. Continue…

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