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Is Your Senior Cat A Second-Class Citizen?

senior catDid you know that veterinarians see 50% fewer cats for annual wellness exams than dogs?  An even sadder statistic from a recent survey shows that 77% of cats over 12 years of age are not being seen in the 18 months before being euthanized.  This week I will discuss the difference between a senior cat and a geriatric cat and how you can help them before it is too late. Continue…

Living With A Senior Cat: Sylvie’s Story

senior cat

Sylvie sleeping in the window

Many of you know our senior cat, Sylvie.  Sylvie loves to play, she is curious about new objects and loves people, kids, dogs and even other cats.  She reigns the entire clinic with her iron claw and melts the heart of anyone she meets.  This year she turned 14, and a few months ago she stopped doing all these things.  Sylvie was losing weight, sleeping more, and not interacting with people and objects like she normally does.  The entire clinic and many of our clients were concerned about her well-being. Continue…

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