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How To Recognize The Six Signs Of Fear In Dogs

signs of fear indogs

This week, I saw a video on Facebook of a rooster being “hypnotized” by a line drawn in the dirt close to his beak. It caused him to become completely immobile–but when the line was erased, the rooster immediately attacked the closest person, then ran away to the other side of the yard. My first reaction was to laugh. Honestly, seeing videos of grown men being flogged by an angry rooster is hilarious. After watching the video for a second time though, I realized something. The rooster wasn’t hypnotized. He was terrified. In one seemingly-funny video, I saw that rooster exhibit all three common responses to fear of a threat: freeze, fight, and flight. First, he was completely still. Because the perceived threat was very close to him, he essentially “played dead”. Once the threat was removed enough for him to feel like he had a fighting chance of survival, that’s just what he did—he attacked what he viewed as the source of danger. Then, he ran for safety.

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