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Meet the pack!

Dr Anna and the pack

Most of you know by now that I’m Dr. Anna but you don’t know my family.  This post is dedicated to my fur babies.  If you can’t tell already I love Weimaraners!  The grey ghost acquisition started in 1991, when my boyfriend and now husband and I decided we wanted a dog.  I don’t like ordinary and I wanted something a little different so I started paging through the AKC breed book.  When I got to the very end I spotted what I wanted.  I did some research on the breed and we got our first Weimaraner and named her Meg.  She was the smartest dog I have every owned.  I swear that dog knew exactly what we were saying to her.  If I could clone a dog, she would be the one.  Once my husband and I graduated from veterinary school we moved to New Hampshire and acquired another Weimaraner.  I was home sick so we named him Guthrie after my home town in Oklahoma.  A few years later, we moved back home and he became the mascot of our clinic, Guthrie Pet Hospital.

It’s my philosophy to never be without a dog, so we get a new one every three or four years and that’s how we ended up with our current crew.  Bella is on the floor to my right.  Olivia is the odd ball rescue dog on my lap.  Jade is laying down to my left and Dharma is our youngest.  Oh, and the one between my feet is Scooter.  He doesn’t really have any fur but I still consider him one of my fur babies.  He is a Sulcata tortoise.  I will be allowing each of the kids a chance to introduce themselves shortly so stay tuned!

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