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Happy Pet, Happy Vet With Fear Free Veterinary Care

veterinary careBy Stacey Frazier  There are a huge number of pets that fail to receive the veterinary care they need simply because of the anxiety they experience when a trip to the clinic is necessary. Here at Guthrie Pet Hospital we decided to face that problem head on, leading us to become the first Fear Free certified staff in the state of Oklahoma. Fear Free is an approach to veterinary care that focuses on the sources of anxiety in pets and provides a proven method of managing fear and anxiety through considerate approach and gentle control. Continue…

How to Find the Right Pet Insurance Plan

pet insuranceThe quality of veterinary care has never been better. Advancements in diagnostics, medications and treatment technologies have enabled veterinarians to provide amazing care. However, these new tools are expensive when your dog or cat suffers from a serious illness or injury.

So what’s the best way to protect your pet and your budget from unexpected health issues?

Pet insurance


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