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Wordless Wednesday… What’s your diagnosis #4

This dog has a firm swelling above his left eye.  The swelling has been present for several days and is getting larger.   The picture to the right is the microscopic view of fluid that was removed from the mass.

What’s your diagnosis and treatment plan?

I will post the answer in the comment section later in the week so be sure to come back to see if you were correct!

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Wordless Wednesday… What’s your diagnosis #2?

Petey VD Pelvis

This is a hip x-ray from a 10 year old Dalmatian mix with chronic history of lameness and difficulty getting up. 

Below is a comparison so that you can see what normal looks like.

Hip comparison

The abnormal view is a magnification of the right hip in the 1st x-ray.  The hand is pointing at the hip joint.

What’s your diagnosis?  What are the treatment options?

Come back Sunday to discover the answers to these questions and more about this common disease!

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