How to Survive Your Teething Puppy

teething puppyPuppies lose all their baby teeth between three and six months of age.  During this time, you will need to help your teething puppy cope with this stressful event.  Dr. Anna Coffin will help with some tips and tricks to get your puppy through this phase in life.

Puppies have 28 deciduous (baby) teeth that they will shed as their adult teeth erupt.  Puppies lose baby teeth at specific times, so it is easy to estimate a puppies age based on which adult teeth have erupted.  Permanent molars usually erupt around six months of age leaving your adult dog with 42 teeth.

Most puppies swallow their deciduous teeth, but you may find a few on the floor or stuck in one of your puppy’s favorite toys.  Bleeding gums is a common problem seen with a teething puppy and is part of the reason they have puppy breath.

Teething Puppy Tips:

  • If your puppy is chewing on something inappropriate, take it away and give them something appropriate to chew on.
  • Don’t let your puppy chew on you! If he is biting your hands, cry like a little puppy, put him down, and give him something appropriate to chew on.
  • Use plain flavored frozen waffles, frozen bagels, or ice cubes as teething puppy rings.
  • Freeze filled bones or Kong toys before you leave your puppy alone for the day. The cold will help with the pain, and it will take longer for them to remove the filling because it is frozen.
  • Crate your teething puppy when not supervised. Crate training will protect your property from being destroyed and will protect your puppy from accidental ingestion and possible intestinal obstruction.
  • Don’t give your puppy any personal clothing items to chew on. They can’t distinguish your old shoes from any other shoes.
  • Play with your puppy’s mouth. Open your puppy’s mouth and put your fingers in their mouth.  This will help when you need to medicate your dog later in life.  It will also help when you need to remove something from your puppy’s mouth.
  • Rub your fingers on your puppy’s teeth and gums. This is the beginning of dental care and will socialize your dog to brushing your puppy’s  Adult dogs can not regrow their teeth if they lose them, so it’s important to keep them healthy.

Being consistent is the key to training a teething puppy.  Everyone in the house needs to correct the puppy in the same way.  Guthrie Pet Hospital is happy to help with any puppy problems that you might be having.  Ask about our puppy obedience classes.

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